May 11, 2021

Quick Tips for Buying High-Quality Beef

With Christmas around the corner, we’re sure you have a lot of meat-purchasing to do in the next few weeks. So, we thought we’d create this blog post to remind you of what you need to look out for when buying beef from your local supermarket or butcher.

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Choose the Right Cut for Your Cooking Method

Most recipes should tell you which cut of beef you need to buy. If they don’t, or if they do but you would like to try something different, just ask your butcher for a recommendation.

Check the Colour & Marbling

When you’re shopping for beef cuts, make sure that they are bright and pinkish-red in colour, and that they have a nice amount of marbling (steaks and flecks of fat inside the muscle), as these are indicators of tasty and juicy meat! Common sense is important here – if anything looks discoloured or smells strange, don’t risk it!

Look for the MSA Symbol

If you want to guarantee your guests delicious meat, make sure that the beef you choose has the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) symbol on its packaging. This symbol is the most reliable and easy way to ensure you always buy tender, juicy and tasty beef.

Check the Packaging

The final step is to make sure that the beef is properly sealed – double check the packaging, and look for any tears or leaks (there shouldn’t be any beef juices on the outside of the packaging). Make sure you also check the use-by-date, and make sure that the meat is chilled!

And there you have it, our quick tips for buying beef! It’s pretty simple!

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